Case Studies

case studies


David and Michelle felt like they were wasting their money by paying rent. With this in mind, they decided to buy their first home – while interest rates are low and before they have another child.

David and Michelle have been together for 7 years, but this isn’t the first they’ve spoken about buying a property. Between them, they’ve saved $40,000 and recently, Michelle’s great aunt died leaving her $50,000. David’s parents generously offered to kick in $10,000.

David wanted to use the money for a holiday, but Michelle thought it would be better spent on taking out a home loan. Besides, she couldn’t get time off from her job as a nurse.  David was getting decent work as an electrician and agreed that it would probably be best to make the most of a good run while it lasted. They spent a few weekends looking and found a great little place for $450,000.

Michelle got on the phone to Jim’s Home Loans and arranged a face to face meeting with a Jim’s mortgage professional. After assessing their finances and outgoing expenses, Michelle and David’s mortgage consultant said if they put down a $91,400 deposit with their combined income of $150,000, they should be able to borrow around $381,000 towards their new home.

David and Michelle agreed to pay back the loan over 30 years, at an interest rate of 4.63 percent. This brought their monthly payments to $1960 which they managed pretty easily. The next year they managed to take that holiday they’d been looking forward to.

“We were so happy with the way that Jim’s helped us through the process. It turned out to be nowhere near as scary as we thought”

shared mortgage


Margaret and Roger’s kids have finally “moved out”. At least, that’s what they tell their friends, in between raiding the fridge and borrowing the car. Margaret and Roger are still working and have paid off most of their previous mortgage, so they’re considering whether they have enough to buy an investment property.

Roger calls Jim’s to talk to one of their Home Loan professionals while Margaret jumps on the internet to start looking for houses and apartments. Later in the week, Margaret and Roger go in for a chat to explain their situation. They are slightly shocked to realise that their borrowing capacity is quite high.

Their Jim’s mortgage professional suggests that by offering $50,000 equity from their existing home, Margaret and Roger can borrow just over $400,000. Roger and Margaret have been working hard over the last few years and have a bit extra saved up as a result. Soon enough they are able to buy a nice little apartment for $380,000 in an up-and-coming area.

“The service at Jim’s Home Loans was better than we expected. They were so helpful from start to finish and really helped us understand our best options”.

credit history


Greg has been self-employed as a carpenter for about five years and has realised he needs a workshop space to really kick off his business. Problem is, he doesn’t own the place where he lives and knows his housemates won’t approve of him hammering away at all hours.

Greg is doing well and thinks it’s time to finally get a place of his own, so he calls Jim’s Home Loans and goes for a meeting. The mortgage professional advises Greg that he will need 2 years of income statements and tax returns, which Greg never enjoyed doing, but is now really glad he kept up with. The Jim’s mortgage professional tells Greg he will qualify for a low deposit loan, and will, therefore, be able to borrow at a deposit of 15%, keeping cash flow in his business.

Greg finds a good little place with a shed, and now that he’s able to work from home, his business goes from strength to strength.

“The low-deposit loan was the perfect thing to help me concentrate on my business while Jim’s took care of the rest”.

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