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“One of our interstate clients, Gerry, wanted to buy a property in Melbourne using us as buyer’s advocates but he has twice hit dead ends using mortgage brokers in Sydney.

Two other mortgage brokers had told Gerry that what he wanted to do could not be done. He earned a solid income and owned other properties, but Gerry’s situation was all too hard for them to find a solution for him.

So we introduced Gerry to Vanessa-and the problem was solved .Vanessa opened doors for Gerry and made possible what others said was impossible.

Gerry is now very much looking forward to buying his next investment property in Melbourne thanks purely and simply to Vanessa’s ability to get the job done.

Not only does this help Gerry, but it also makes our property advocacy business look good because our client now thinks we are champions because we helped to solve his problem.

Thank-you Vanessa for another great job, done efficiently and professionally, as always.”

Gerard K: NSW

“My interest rate was 5.2% and I thought that was reasonable but clearly I wasn’t savvy about rates.  Thanks JFS for advising I could consolidate my debt, save money on my interest rate and pay $2000 less a month on monthly expenses. I can now go on a great holiday with my family and life isn’t as stressful for me and my wife.  JFS was amazing on helping me put more money back into my pocket each month.”

Kim J: QLD

“I always dreamed of having an investment property and I just didn’t know how to do it.  Deanna Wittey did a health check on my home loan and I had enough equity in it to buy my first investment property and I hope to buy another in 2 years time.  She educated me how to do it and now I’m excited about my investment opportunities in the future.  Great work JFS.”

Justin R: VIC

“I called Jim’s Financial Services as I was told by another broker that I couldn’t get any finance.  Vanessa Burgemeestre offered me a solution and I was refinanced with some cash out for investment purposes within 4 weeks.  They provided great and very advantageous advice.  Thank-you.”

Sharvan K: VIC

“My super fund had over $200k in it and I wanted to invest in an investment property.  They showed me how to do it easily and effortlessly.  Now my retirement plan is heading in the right direction.  Thanks JFS for your value added advice and strategic direction.  You are more than just home loan specialists.”

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