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Home Loan
A home loan is money provided by a lender to someone wishing to buy land, a house, or an apartment. The money is paid back to the lender, including interest.


With interest rates still at record lows, it could be a clever time to refinance your home loan.

Shared Mortgage
A shared mortgage, or ‘shared property loan’ is a way for borrowers to jointly purchase a property while keeping their finances separate.

Lo-Doc Loan
The ‘doc’ in lo-doc loan, stands for ‘documentation’. A lo-doc loan does not require the same amount of paperwork that is traditionally needed to take out a home loan.

Personal Loan
A personal loan is a general purpose loan for a customer’s personal use.

Renovation Loan
A renovation loan is a loan advanced to cover the cost of home improvements.

Reverse Mortgage
A reverse mortgage can also be called a ‘Seniors Home Equity Release Loan’. A reverse mortgage pays the borrower in installments or as a lump sum from the value of their home.

Investment Loan
An investment loan is a loan given for the purposes of investing in property, or other investment projects.

Business Loan
A business loan is a way for established companies or start-ups to acquire the money for expenses, expansion, materials or equipment in order to grow.

Commercial Loan
A commercial loan is a loan to help a business or individual purchase or refinance commercial properties, such as offices, factories, retail outlets, hotels, motels, child care facilities, or housing developments.

Construction Loan
A construction loan is a loan for the purpose of building a property or properties.

SMSF stands for ‘Self-Managed Super-Fund’. An SMSF loan is designed for people who want to invest their superannuation into a property. In other words, an SMSF Loan is an investment property loan.

We take the hassle away by providing home & content insurance upon settlement of your property.

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