Business Loans


A business loan is a way for established companies or start-ups to acquire the money for expenses, expansion, materials or equipment in order to grow their business. The submissions required for a business loan are much more detailed than a residential or building loan, and will require a full auditing of the business and staff. plus the business’s accountant prepared financials, business plans and financial projections.


A shared mortgage, or ‘shared property loan’ is a way for borrowers to jointly purchase a property while keeping their finances separate.

A shared mortgage can offer property joint-ownership through a loan that will cost an individual less than if they are repaying an individually financed loan.

A shared mortgage offers flexibility, so both parties can pay back the loan in a way that matches their respective contributions. In other words, if one party can contribute more to the deposit, their loan repayments will reflect that.

A shared mortgage would benefit anyone who wants to co-own a property. A shared mortgage could be an ideal way to get into the property market with far less pressure on the loan repayments.

shared mortgage

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All lenders must decide on a number of factors before agreeing to loan you money to buy a home. A Jim’s mortgage professional needs to be your first contact point so we can guide you in the right direction.


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There are so many ways to structure finance for your owner occupier property or investment property.  We are all about strategy and we will assist in providing the best advice that suits you now and into your future.